Clever Samurai 

Creative Director: Joe Amaral // Art Director: Becky Rabchuk



Riding on the open road, high on the adrenaline of adventure. Living fast and free with a desire for discovery. That’s the image that comes to mind when we think Belstaff, a British heritage brand that exemplifies rugged elegance. Renowned for its roots in motorsports, its high-quality fabrics and old-world craftsmanship separate it from the rest. Casual yet composed, their sweatpants are a brand staple. They’re the perfect choice for someone who wants to dress in a more relaxed style while still maintaining a refined look and feel. It’s made of a premium cotton jersey, lined with fleece and remains true to Belstaff’s biker attitude with articulated panels and gunmetal hardware. Rebellious yet tasteful, technical yet stylish, Belstaff is made for modern lifestyle.


Surf Holidays

There’s a great little place I know in Honolulu, Peniche, Sydney, and the Maldives where the breaks are long and slow, and the hotels are luxurious and off-the-radar. Where the water is warm and the weather is perfect. Surfing holidays are this year’s vacation scene. Gone are the campouts in beach parking lots, sipping bitter coffee and eating dry granola. These resorts are pristine paradises. Places that are as much about socializing as they are, surfing. Where you go to be deeply comfortable and left alone to enjoy the sounds of relaxation. In your Etro swimwear, you’ll learn from experienced instructors who will have you standing up on your board within hours and enjoy the waves like a pro.


Authentic Tequila and Artisanal Mezcal

Like a fine cigar, authentic tequila and artisanal mezcal are about texture, aroma, subtlety, and flavour. They range from $50 to $250 a bottle, and are best sipped on their own. Authentic tequila should have a warm kick and spill out citrusy, peppery notes. Handcrafted, artisanal mezcal is often a blend, like a Bordeaux wine, and with layers of fruit, chocolate, and floral tones. It can be distinguished by how the wood fire caramelizes the sugar, and imbues it with a distinct smoky aroma, like that of a peaty single-malt Scotch. The finest tequila and mezcal are made from 100% pure agave and nothing else. If you want to try something delicious and different, order one of them the next time you’re out for drinks.


Fine Suits and Sneakers

For men who are rarely seen without a suit, this is a trend worth trying on. This genre-mixing, comfort-forward pairing is an extremely assured look that can take you from the office to the beach house. Suits and sneakers are an era-defining look and it’s a tricky one to get right. For those who wear tailoring for the fun of it, go classic with some low-top white sneakers and a pair of fitted navy blue trousers. For a weekend of gallery openings and garden parties, be daring and wear a simple dark suit sans tie with a pair from Hugo Boss. For everything else, woven-silk and linen jersey go with leather Giorgio Armani slip-ons, mat with patent Belstaff lace-ups, and wool with performance brands. For more ideas, come in and talk to us. 


High-End Sea Salt

One of the simplest ways to improve your fine cooking skills is to consider the use of premium sea salts. Traditional, natural, ancient, modern; these are not the supermarket varieties labelled as gourmet. These artisanal products are developed by passionate people who are committed to purity. They can bring out sweetness and spice, mellow out acidity, add a delicate texture that’s hard to resist and enhance the character of any recipe. Maldon Salt from the U.K. is one of the most famous; light, flaky, and distinct. Jacobsen Salt from Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast is one of the more expensive at $55 for 18 ounces but you’ll immediately understand why. Vancouver Island Salt is hand harvested and can finish a dish perfectly. Within the category, flavoured sea salts are gaining popularity for the way they add complexity to everyday cooking. Try sprinkling blue cheese sea salt over some dark chocolate and pairing it with a glass of old vintage port to pleasantly surprise your guests.