Cara Lau


ADC Portfolio Night Montreal All-Star & ADC New York All-Star Week Winner


I gram. I tweet. I write. It's all under @thepostitnote. Feel free to leave an emoji.

Partner: Becky Rabchuk



This video is an ode to Budweiser's "Brewed the Hard Way" campaign, with Original Music by Squeak E. Clean Productions. Credit: (In order of appearance) Range Rover 'Accelerator', Coco Mademoiselle 'The Film', Chanel No 5 'The One that I Want', Misty Copeland 'I Will What I Want', Volvo 'The Swell', Canon 'Project Imagination', Range Rover 'Accelerator', Guinness 'The Surfer', Apple 'Your Verse', Toronto Raptors 'We the North', Wiser's 'Slow Clap'.


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Writing advertisements is the second most profitable form of writing. The first of course is ransom notes.
— Philip Dusenberry